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Configure Google Nest Cameras

While Streamie is enduring the rather protracted Google Commercial Development review process, ultimately resulting in a seamless integration experience, you must follow these instructions to use your Google Nest camera with Streamie.

These instructions are partly based off the Home Assistant Nest instructions, if you want to see some screenshots and such.

Configure OAuth Consent Screen

Go to:

Click "OAuth Consent screen"

Click "External" ==> "Create"

Enter "App name", "User support email", "Developer contact email"

Click "Save and Continue"

On the Scopes step click "Save and Continue"

On the Test User step add your "" Google Account

Click "Save and Continue"

Click "OAuth Consent screen" ==> "Publish App"

Configure OAuth client_id, client_secret

Click "Credentials" ==> "Create Credentials" ==> "OAuth client ID" ==> "Web application"

Enter a name

Enter the redirect uri: ""

Click "Create"

Note your "client_id" and "client_secret"

Create a Device Access project_id

Go to:

Click "Go to Device Access Console"

Click "Accept the Terms of Service" ==> "Continue to Payment" (pay $5)

Go back to the Device Access Console

Click "Create Project"

Enter a name

Click "Next"

Enter the client_id

Click "Next" ==> "Enable" ==> "Create project"

Note your "project_id"

Configure Streamie Integration

Go to the Account tab (in the Streamie app)

Scroll down to Integrations

Click the hamburger menu ==> "Google Nest"

Enter the client_id, project_id and secret

Click "Save"

Configure Streamie Camera

Go to the Home tab (in the Streamie app)

Scroll down to Cameras

Click the hamburger menu ==> "Add Camera" ==> "Add Nest camera" ==> "Sign in with Google"

Run through the OAuth flow in the browser, ...

Click “Save” and you should see your Nest camera