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Streamie is the solution that brings all your webcams together to a single screen. Live-stream to your iPhone, Apple TV or iPad from anywhere — know your home or business is secure with motion notifications. Step up from low quality, “out of the box” webcams that put your most private spaces in the hands of Big-Tech. Protect what matters most.

Toggle on notifications to receive a snapshot or short video when motion is detected in the view area.

Watch your home or business from anywhere. User your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV to live-stream your cameras.

Pan, tilt, zoom … look all around! Control PTZ-enabled cameras on-the-fly with Streamie!

One-touch enables a quick snapshot or video. The stranger on your porch the bird staring straight into your lens. Pictures and videos are stored on your camera roll for easy access and sharing.

Our greatest success is providing peace-of-mind to our users every day and all night.

Motion Event Notifications

Keep your business, your home and your family safe with motion event notifications. Using an alway-on device (such as an Apple TV) to monitor your cameras, your other devices will receive an alert with a snapshot and a recording whenever motion is detected.

Watch Your Home or Business from Anywhere

Remotely access your cameras so that you can keep an eye on things using an always-on device (such as an Apple TV). For most users, no configuration is required at all.

Skip the Cloud, Record Locally

Streamie features integrated Samba (SMB) file server support, which enables on-site 24/7 recording. No cloud. No internet access required. Use your Mac, PC, Linux or one of many affordable NAS options.

Streamie on your Mac

With an Apple Silicon Mac, such as an M1 Mac mini, you can use Streamie without an iOS or tvOS device. All of the same features, such as live streaming, motion events, local NAS recording, and even remote camera streaming (for when you’re on-the-go) — they all just work, right on your Mac.

Technical Specs

Streamie can find and connect to your HomeKit, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF compatible cameras with just a few clicks. Alternatively, Streamie will work with nearly any RTSP camera. Pan, tilt and zoom with simple on-screen gestures (iPhone, iPad) or from the convenience of your remote control (Apple TV). Easily save snapshots & recordings to your iCloud Shared Photo Album. Listen in if your camera has a microphone. Record to a local NAS or other file server. Streamie works with H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) video codecs and AAC, PCM (ulaw, alaw), AC3, AMR, L16, MP3 and AC3 audio codecs.

Streamie, running on a 2021 Apple TV 4K, supports up to twenty-five concurrent 1920x1080 streams while simultaneously recording all twenty-five streams to a local NAS. Scalability depends on particular camera configurations.

Streamie integrates with Samsung SmartThings for home automation integration. Try our Groovy-based SmartApp.

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Streamie App YouTube Channel
Streamie app Reddit page
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